Business Client – Follow up Services

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Standing in the heart of a thriving city with exceptional views, which are being IMG-20150506-WA0005overshadowed by the awful weather, Canary Wharf and its surrounding  areas are still busy. I met with a previous business research client who opted for Sparkle UK Relocations’ follow up  service’ and has requested a simple project plan to be devised, now that all the necessary research and       information has been gathered -making the project viable.

The research identified costs, the overall budget, action points, timescales and consideration for outside factors affecting the delivery of the project.

The client feels there is a need for this as the project plan will assist with getting tasks in order, knowing who is responsible for what actions and when. It is a good tool, for all involved, to be kept up to date, know whats expected and be able to highlight issues more easily.

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