Oh ye! Oh ye! Chester a wonderful place.

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Chester is a historic city founded by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago. Chester is the only city which has preserved its Medieval walls in their    entirety. Today i’m out on a research project and find that its a lively place which still has a regular and very comedic town crier- great for attracting tourism.

Chester is a shoppers heaven on earth with a wide variety of shops. There are interesting attractions i.e. The Dewa Roman Experience, Grosvenor Shopping Centre, The Cathedral, etc.

Chester has a wide range of property types i.e. apartments, luxury homes, family homes, to suit all in terms of their preference and or budget. It is easily accessible with motorway links to the city and good transport particulary between London and Manchester Airport. There are numerous restaurants and modern/traditional bars and pubs. Outside of the city centre is mainly peaceful with quiet surroundings.

The city is modernising progressively but still has a high value for its historical elements so residents can experience the best of both worlds.

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Raising money for The British Heart Foundations’ wear it! beat it! day

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Sparkle UK Relocations teamed up with Jahnaiah Events to undertake a cake sale to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

The event was held at a local centre in Milton Keynes, providing after school facilities.

The event was successful in that money was raised, the charity and awareness was promoted, there were a variety of cakes to choose from and the children particularly enjoyed the guess how many pennies in the jar competition.

The British Heart Foundations’ mission is to win the fight against cardiovascular disease and have a need to raise funds to assist with research and other activities. This disease can affect anyone at any age so it is important that vital work is carried out to reduce suffering or lives lost. For further information please click here

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Prospects of Essex

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According to the ITV news (5 January 2015) Essex is now recognised as a good place to live and is home to 4 affordable counties. This is due to cheaper housing and travel within the area.

Essex  is a county in England, north-east of London . As well as the city there are also scenic rural areas. The county also includes the Lakeside Shopping Centre, London Stansted Airport and new towns: Basildon and Harlow.

There are a variety of properties that stretch across a wide area as well as working industries i.e electronics, glassmaking, plastics, the service sector, insurance and financial services. Industry is mostly limited to the south of the county, with the majority of the land, in other parts, being given over to agriculture.

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Exploring Caldecotte – Milton Keynes

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Today i’m having the opportunity to explore Caldecotte and despite being a very cold wintry day it still displays idylic views. Caldecotte is based in South Milton Keynes close to the parish and community of Walton.

It is an ideal location for my client whose specifications include: a quiet area – for the quiet life, has a passion for the outdoors and activities, new build apartment/property, minimal attractions, open space surroundings, car driver – amenities not an immediate priority.

Caldecotte Lake entertains watersports, birdwatching, plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventures and a local pub. Properties are fresh in appearance, well kept, spacious and even appear untouched, with the most popular being detatched properties.

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Raising money for SADs charity in memory of Michael Stewart


The Red wig/wear something red for the day challenge is now underway in support of raising awareness for the charity SADs, in memory of my brother who passed away due to SADs. Your support and donations is much appreciated and continuation of the chain is key. Participants donate £3 to the charity wear something red or the wig then nominate 2 more people, and so on, therefore creating a chain to continue on.

To donate please visit https://www.justgiving.com/Amariah-Marva-Kamaludin1/