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Opportunity knocked at a different door

Dear Reader

Just like me your business is in a specific field but while you are out there marketing and networking, there is an opportunity to meet a vast amount of people from different walks of life with various experiences/backgrounds. Using different forms of social media to market your business you can never tell who might see and take an interest. The public may even take an interest because they can see something in you that differes from your business and its offerings. When you are approached about an area/subject that you have never explored, considered, work in or have experience what do you do………………………

Firstly never say NO! Obtain more information in regards to what is being asked and what is expected of you, embrace the challenge -remembering to be realistic at all times.

I was recently given the opportunity to be part of a research project working alongside a media company with plans to create a documovie – totally out of my field. While I assessed what I could do and how, one thing in my mind was ‘why have they chosen to approach me’. In fact it was the very thing that got me motivated, to engage more and rise to the challenge. It was a chance to use hidden or unused skills in a different capacity. Either way I was given a boost and welcomed the opportunity to explore a new field and learn new things.

Each and every business has teh potential to explore other avenues as over time individuals acquire various skills that can be transferred, its just a matter of how.

Always seize the opportunity to make an impression whichever way you can opportunities come in different shapes and forms to be embraced. Each opportunity provides a chance for growth, learning and or new experiences.
Be open but realistic and never limit your skills or capabilities – someone out there is watching.

The Brutal Truth – harsh reality of business

Dear readernobody cares blog pic

‘Nobody cares about you’ – a hard lesson to learn in any business trying to make their mark in the marketplace.

Its harsh but true and can be a valuable lesson learned. You have a business its new, its your venture, you can see its potential, you have total belief but in reality who cares but you. Ask yourself ‘who do people in business love more than anything else? =themselves and their business. Why do they need you, what can you add to their lives, what can you offer that addresses a pain point, and why you?

This is where relationships play a key part in business to help build relations, trust, recognition and add value. It can prove time consuming but can be proven to be worthwhile and great           asset for business and repeat business.

Building relationships allows you to display your professional worth so that those who do don’t care can start to take an interest and have a regard for what you do- and in turn will tell others. There is no budget for relationships as the cost is time, which if well spent is productive and could generate income or further leads = GROWTH.

Relationships are a valuable asset for business as growth is the main goal for any business           establishment. Therefore INVEST THE TIME!

The mystery of SADs

SADs blog pic

SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome) is a heartbreaking fatal cardiac condition which causes a loss and grief for loved ones. It can occur at any point in life and often leaves many unanswered questions- making research vital. The cause is not clear, warning signals are not always present and preventative methods are being developed.

SADs is an umbrella term used to describe a premature death. The charity SADs UK provides medical information in regards to the condition, warning signs, the heartbeat, equipment and conditions that can lead to SADs.

SADs has affected my family as in 2012 we lost a loved one who had no previous underlying medical conditions, was fit, active and healthy. To have such an untimely and unexplained death is devastating and leaves family and friends with no closure.

For further information or to support the cause please click here.

If you experience any of the warning signals below it is advisable to consult your doctor

*faint or have an apparent seizure during physical activity, especially if it happens repeatedly
*faint or have an apparent seizure during emotional excitement, distress, startle or on arousal from sleep
*consistent or unusual chest paint and/or abnormal shortness of breath during exercise and dizziness
*a family history of a premature death of an apparently healthy person (under age 40)

SADs website link

Relocation – Excitement to exhaustion

uk-mapThe prospect of somewhere different, new and exciting often fills a ‘relocator’ with elation as well as some fears. You’ve told your family, your friends, relevant contacts and may even have splashed it all across your social media.

You’re looking forward to you’re relocation. You’re picturing a new start, the changes, lifestyle and even things you’re going to do but then…………………….. reality sets in – ‘You’re moving!!!!!  equals stress, upheaval and packing. Its tiresome, hard work, involves planning, organisation and a huge degree of energy. The biggest task is managing this alongside your normal daily routines and having the ability to still function. How do you do this?

Click here for some helpful tips and considerations to assist your move.

Irthlingborough test – Pass or Fail

irtlingborough irthlingborough

Spent the day in Irthlingborough jumping in and out of a car to avoid the many downpours that have decided todays the day to test my hair’s durability. I’m amazed by what appears to be narrow lanes and the cross between old and new build properties. I’m sure I could hear a pin drop in some parts that were very quiet.
I also thought that Milton Keynes was ‘roundabout city’ but there are a fair amount here too.

According to Wikipedia, the town can be divided quite easily into areas with Pine Trees to the south-west, Victoria and Allen roads in the centre running parallel to the High Street on either side, Knightlands to the North, Crow Hill to the north-east (over a mile from the town centre) and the football ground and training facilities to the east.

My client has recently started a new job in Northampton and has decided to move to an area that is within a 30 minute drive, has the rental property within budget with the sought after property types and has the necessary local amenities. Working in a high pressured and busy environment the client is looking for that solace that provides peace, relaxation and comfortability which is in total contrast to the working environment. The plan is to rent until settled, both at home and work and if all goes well settle permanently and buy a property. The client cannot decide whether this is the right place as yet and needs to gain some experiences and undertake some more research.

Seriously who would want to spend £300,000 to live in a place they hate without prior research?

Renting a property provides a good opportunity for a person to find their feet, discover the new area and its surroundings make decisions over a set time with careful thinking and action plans whether it be to move on or stay permanently. A possible downfall is that it may be difficult to save to buy a property while renting due to the expenses incurred.
Deciding to settle permanently is a major decision that encompasses many aspects depending on your lifestyle and commitments and most of all expense. Therefore giving yourself a platform and adequate time to work through things means better decision making in the long run.

Client criteria = PASS
My hair = FAIL

Social Bees v Working Bees

Here we are 2 budding entrepreneurs ( Jahnaniah Events Director and I ) enjoying an informal evening out and general catch up session. Been looking forward to the time out from our hectic schedules of business, development, planning and family.


The banter is flowing, its an enjoyable atmosphere, music in the restaurant, beautiful caribbean food. Main course and drinks out of the way -aah time to relax and take in the ambience but…………………………………………………..

Thoughts and conversation turn to business. Within minutes out pops the notebook and pen jotting down ideas. Our catch up is now an informal brainstorming session. We’re more hyped up about the new ideas rather than going on to a bar.

Passionate professionals never switch off, despite planning the time off. Business heads are constantly at work even in social settings. The inner drive takes over because of the goal – to succeed and make things work.

So who won…….. ‘social bees’ or ‘working bees’

Lets just say we had an early night!

Please click here for information on Jahnaiah Events’ upcoming Fusion Dinner & Dance event

Thumbs up for Crayford! – ticks all the boxes

Crayford is a town in the south east of England, within the London Borough of Bexley. It lies east of Bexleyheath and north west of Dartford, Kent. Crayford station provides trains to London Charing cross, Cannon Street, Lewisham and Woolwich Arsenal. There are also 3 transport for London buses which serve various areas of south London.

IMG-20150519-WA0007[1]IMG-20150519-WA0003 IMG-20150519-WA0005

The client is in her early thirties with a flourishing career and has provided a criteria of needs of which Crayford fits. Having a productive and demanding job in London proves difficult to find time to research one of the chosen areas. I have taken a trip to the town to see what it offers and found that it ticks all the boxes below. The clients first option is to buy but is open to renting until the right property comes along.

Blog- Crayford

Crayford becomes a firm contender and the client is now considering this town as a place that provides the new start required and a place to put further future plans in motion.

For further information please click here

For an example report of findings please click here

Business Client – Follow up Services

IMG-20150506-WA0010 IMG-20150506-WA0006

Standing in the heart of a thriving city with exceptional views, which are being IMG-20150506-WA0005overshadowed by the awful weather, Canary Wharf and its surrounding  areas are still busy. I met with a previous business research client who opted for Sparkle UK Relocations’ follow up  service’ and has requested a simple project plan to be devised, now that all the necessary research and       information has been gathered -making the project viable.

The research identified costs, the overall budget, action points, timescales and consideration for outside factors affecting the delivery of the project.

The client feels there is a need for this as the project plan will assist with getting tasks in order, knowing who is responsible for what actions and when. It is a good tool, for all involved, to be kept up to date, know whats expected and be able to highlight issues more easily.

For further information please click on the links below:

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Stepping outside the box – UK Investor Show

Dear Reader

investor blog pic 5 investor blog pic 6 investor show pic

Today I have stepped outside the box to experience something completely different at the UK Investor Show at the Queen Elizabeth Conference centre. As I stand taking bad selfies I reflect on the vast amount of information that I have acquired throughout the day. My heads buzzing with information about value investment, ideas for business and even strategies that can be applied- this unrelated vist has been truly beneficial. This experience truly drives home that it is important to venture into other areas not always directly related to business as it is an opportunity to make connections, build new relationships and learn something new. Every chance meeting provides an opportunity for business is some form, which may not be immediate. Getting out and meeting new people widens the target market which in turn could bring more revenue and or better recognition.

Expect the unexpected

Dear Reader

As a new business up for challenges and trying new things while being aware that not all thats planned can be achieved, it is a welcolmed surprise to obtain a business achievement. This week an article written by Sparkle UK Relocations was published. Of course a good deal of       effort, motivation and preciseness was put into the task but in the back of my mind I was mindful- i’m not a writer and is it of writer standard. Even though I was thinking positively and writing from personal experiences I was not envisaging the value the article could have or be              appreciated for. It was challenge that ended up being both rewarding and self-satisfying as it has earned a place amongst other Ezine articles.

Business is about learning, stepping out of the box into new zones, enjoying what you’re passionate about and above all very hard work that can and will pay off. There will be some things that cannot be conquered at present but with a little experience, knowledge, the right                connections and or perserverance it can be achieved. Keep an open mind to new challenges and see it as something that stretches the imagination. Acquiring new skills can be transferable and can be applied in unexpected situations that arise in any business.

The unexpected is greatfully welcomed!

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