Expect the unexpected

Dear Reader

As a new business up for challenges and trying new things while being aware that not all thats planned can be achieved, it is a welcolmed surprise to obtain a business achievement. This week an article written by Sparkle UK Relocations was published. Of course a good deal of       effort, motivation and preciseness was put into the task but in the back of my mind I was mindful- i’m not a writer and is it of writer standard. Even though I was thinking positively and writing from personal experiences I was not envisaging the value the article could have or be              appreciated for. It was challenge that ended up being both rewarding and self-satisfying as it has earned a place amongst other Ezine articles.

Business is about learning, stepping out of the box into new zones, enjoying what you’re passionate about and above all very hard work that can and will pay off. There will be some things that cannot be conquered at present but with a little experience, knowledge, the right                connections and or perserverance it can be achieved. Keep an open mind to new challenges and see it as something that stretches the imagination. Acquiring new skills can be transferable and can be applied in unexpected situations that arise in any business.

The unexpected is greatfully welcomed!

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