Irthlingborough test – Pass or Fail

irtlingborough irthlingborough

Spent the day in Irthlingborough jumping in and out of a car to avoid the many downpours that have decided todays the day to test my hair’s durability. I’m amazed by what appears to be narrow lanes and the cross between old and new build properties. I’m sure I could hear a pin drop in some parts that were very quiet.
I also thought that Milton Keynes was ‘roundabout city’ but there are a fair amount here too.

According to Wikipedia, the town can be divided quite easily into areas with Pine Trees to the south-west, Victoria and Allen roads in the centre running parallel to the High Street on either side, Knightlands to the North, Crow Hill to the north-east (over a mile from the town centre) and the football ground and training facilities to the east.

My client has recently started a new job in Northampton and has decided to move to an area that is within a 30 minute drive, has the rental property within budget with the sought after property types and has the necessary local amenities. Working in a high pressured and busy environment the client is looking for that solace that provides peace, relaxation and comfortability which is in total contrast to the working environment. The plan is to rent until settled, both at home and work and if all goes well settle permanently and buy a property. The client cannot decide whether this is the right place as yet and needs to gain some experiences and undertake some more research.

Seriously who would want to spend £300,000 to live in a place they hate without prior research?

Renting a property provides a good opportunity for a person to find their feet, discover the new area and its surroundings make decisions over a set time with careful thinking and action plans whether it be to move on or stay permanently. A possible downfall is that it may be difficult to save to buy a property while renting due to the expenses incurred.
Deciding to settle permanently is a major decision that encompasses many aspects depending on your lifestyle and commitments and most of all expense. Therefore giving yourself a platform and adequate time to work through things means better decision making in the long run.

Client criteria = PASS
My hair = FAIL