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Amariah Stewart   (Owner)                                                                                                     

Business Innovator

A few years ago I experienced a change in my circumstances which prompted me to evaluate my life, where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do next. With 2 small children to consider I had been toying with the idea of moving out of London but with the busy schedule and long days of juggling work, studying and children it seemed like a dream that would not materialise. Eventually with lots of self determinataion, planning and organising it finally happened.

I got thinking about my new surroundings, my newly attained project management qualification, the property market and what would have made it easier for me to move quicker and easier.

The internet is a great  resource for information but it took time to troll through lots of sites and make enquiries. I was undertaking the challenge alongside juggling my schedule and had no assistance to help with the time-consuming tasks. It was proving very difficult to arrange and attend the viewings which were 60 miles away from London. The estate agents only had a brief idea of my criteria and often mis-advised in regards to properties required. I also had a very brief estimation of the costs involved which meant my budget was inaccurate. Having a person who could undertake these time-consuming tasks that could do the research and collate all the information I require on my behalf would have been beneficial leaving me to review the information at my leisure from one source. It would have made my decision making easier, a chance to calculate a more realistic budget and I would know what actions I wanted to take forward.

From this Sparkle UK Relocations was born……..

I wanted to use my experiences and skills to help others who have time consuming tasks but require the assistance to obtain information that can be used to move forward, make decisions and put plans into action.

I further wanted to assist businesses, especially start ups, who may be undertaking their journey alone with their business development, plans or projects and would benefit from vital information to help with budgeting and making decisions.

‘Sparkle’ is a helpful resource to aid both business and domestic clients with time-consuming tasks by researching and providing information required, on your behalf.

We do what takes your time to do

Have a great day and remember to sparkle