Opportunity knocked at a different door

Dear Reader

Just like me your business is in a specific field but while you are out there marketing and networking, there is an opportunity to meet a vast amount of people from different walks of life with various experiences/backgrounds. Using different forms of social media to market your business you can never tell who might see and take an interest. The public may even take an interest because they can see something in you that differes from your business and its offerings. When you are approached about an area/subject that you have never explored, considered, work in or have experience what do you do………………………

Firstly never say NO! Obtain more information in regards to what is being asked and what is expected of you, embrace the challenge -remembering to be realistic at all times.

I was recently given the opportunity to be part of a research project working alongside a media company with plans to create a documovie – totally out of my field. While I assessed what I could do and how, one thing in my mind was ‘why have they chosen to approach me’. In fact it was the very thing that got me motivated, to engage more and rise to the challenge. It was a chance to use hidden or unused skills in a different capacity. Either way I was given a boost and welcomed the opportunity to explore a new field and learn new things.

Each and every business has teh potential to explore other avenues as over time individuals acquire various skills that can be transferred, its just a matter of how.

Always seize the opportunity to make an impression whichever way you can opportunities come in different shapes and forms to be embraced. Each opportunity provides a chance for growth, learning and or new experiences.
Be open but realistic and never limit your skills or capabilities – someone out there is watching.