The Brutal Truth – harsh reality of business

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‘Nobody cares about you’ – a hard lesson to learn in any business trying to make their mark in the marketplace.

Its harsh but true and can be a valuable lesson learned. You have a business its new, its your venture, you can see its potential, you have total belief but in reality who cares but you. Ask yourself ‘who do people in business love more than anything else? =themselves and their business. Why do they need you, what can you add to their lives, what can you offer that addresses a pain point, and why you?

This is where relationships play a key part in business to help build relations, trust, recognition and add value. It can prove time consuming but can be proven to be worthwhile and great           asset for business and repeat business.

Building relationships allows you to display your professional worth so that those who do don’t care can start to take an interest and have a regard for what you do- and in turn will tell others. There is no budget for relationships as the cost is time, which if well spent is productive and could generate income or further leads = GROWTH.

Relationships are a valuable asset for business as growth is the main goal for any business           establishment. Therefore INVEST THE TIME!